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Unless you are a teen idol, you could probably benefit from a little cardio, and Upper Bounce makes lots of trampolines that will make your workout a little more fun. These Products are small enough to store anywhere you need and durable enough for using daily. You’ll never again need to find the time and energy to hit the gym.

Our top choice is the Enclosure Set from this brand, which comes in a 15-foot size that can accommodate you and any other jumpers. This model is easy to assemble once it arrives and will thrill jumpers of all ages. Our list includes some other basic models that are perfect for those who want to have fun while getting in shape.

Top Five on the Market Today


1. Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set

Though the company makes a number of mini trampolines designed for single users, the  Trampoline and Enclosure Setcompany slowed down on its production of larger ones meant for multiple users.

While you can still find those larger models, you will have a hard time buying one direct from the manufacturer. Those available on the secondary market or from private sellers will not come with the warranty or guarantee that you want.

Before you give up hope though and decide to go with another manufacturer, check out this brand’s Trampoline and Enclosure Set that will give you all the bounce that you want and also keep you safe.

This set comes in several different sizes, but we highly recommend the 15-foot size, which is the largest model from this brand and one of the largest ONE from all companies. It has a total weight capacity of 330 pounds and can accommodate several kids or adults.

The Brand knows that putting together a trampoline can sometimes be frustrating, which is why it makes this one so easy to assemble. It generally takes two hours or less to set up, and you do not need any special tools or hardware to put the frame together because the manufacturer includes everything you need in the box.

The six legs that sit underneath the device have a W-design that more evenly distributes the weight of jumpers to keep it from tilting to one side.

Other safety features include eight durable rows of stitching on the jumping mat that extend the life of the mat and also keep it from ripping or tearing, and this mat attaches to a softer material used around the edges with padding that keep jumpers from hitting any metal area of the frame.

The included enclosure looks like a large net and works with the included poles that snap right into place. You can even leave this model sitting out in the winter or spring because the frame uses steel that is resistant to rust and can withstand weather and environmental conditions.



2. Hexagonal Fitness Mini

Working out can definitely feel like a chore, but you won’t feel that way when you work out on this Hexagonal Fitness MiniHexagonal Fitness Mini Trampoline.

Mini ones are great for those who don’t have all the space that a larger piece of fitness equipment requires because you can slide one under your bed or stick one in your closet after you finish a workout. This model comes loaded with features that will make you want to exercise too.

One feature we really like about this model is that it comes with an adjustable handle. The first time that you use a mini trampoline, it’s natural that you might feel a little nervous or that you might worry you will bounce too high and fall off. This handle lets you keep one or both hands on the top or sides to help you retain your balance.

This handle also has textured grips on both sides, which come in handy when you work up a sweat because the grips keep your hands on the handle and keep your slick palms from slipping off.

It has a t-shape to increase the amount of support available and an adjustable design. You can raise and lower the handle from a minimum height of 39-inches to a maximum height of 45-inches to fit your own height.

With other ones, you risk doing serious injury to yourself because the springs underneath the jumping mat can stick in place, but the company added springs that are resistant to this problem. Each of the 42 springs wraps around the metal frame and attach to the base of the jumping pad. Those springs will never become loose or stick in place.

The base of this model features six small legs that support the jumping mat, and those legs have rubber tips that significantly reduce the noise that the product makes as you jump.

You’ll love that the jumping mat is resistant to static build up and slips too. Keep in mind that the hexagonal shape can only accommodate up to 220 pounds at once.



3.  Mini Foldable Fitness

If you workout in the comfort of your living room or bedroom, you probably worry about  Mini Foldable Fitnessfinding fitness equipment that will fit in that space without getting in your way, but this Mini Foldable Fitness is perfect for small spaces.

This model sits so low to the ground that you can store it under your bed without worrying about tripping over it every morning when you get up. Despite its low height, the jumping mat has enough bounce that it won’t hit the floor as you jump.

This folding feature is good for those days when you want to workout in the fresh air and bright sunshine because it comes with its own storage case. It is actually the only trampoline from any company we found that will fold in half for easy carrying and storage. Folding the product will not damage the springs or cause any other problems either.

The model has a large jumping mat in the center and eight rows of stitches around the sides that prevent tears from regular jumping. Approximately 36 metal springs attach to the jumping mat and wrap around holes in the frame to ensure that the mat never comes loose and that you always have the right amount of bounce.

You can remove the legs, fold the device flat and fold it in flat again before tucking it in the storage bag, which has handles for carrying.

Using other models outside is sometimes a hassle because you need to set up the device away from water and make sure you bring it back in at night to prevent the frame from rusting, but this mini fitness from the company has a rust-resistant frame that will resist rust during workouts and when you leave the device in your yard or on your porch.

The Brand opted for a set-wise design when installing the springs to help you jump higher. It also comes with a vinyl cover that acts like a safety pad, which slips over the top of the jumping mat to keep your skin away from all metal parts.



4. Mini Foldable Rebounder 48-Inch Fitness

Working out on the sping board for the first time or the 100th time can sometimes be a little scaryMini Foldable Rebounder 48-Inch Fitness because you never know quite where you might go, but this Mini Foldable Rebounder 48-Inch Fitness with Adjustable Handrail eliminates that problem because it features a built-in handrail.

Another common problem that some have is that they do not know how to control the speed or height of their bounce. The handrail found on this Rebounder can help you stay upright and give you more control each time that you bounce.

Available in two different sizes, we recommend this 48-inch size over the smaller 40-inch because this one gives you more room to move. That extra space lets you jump to the top, take steps forward and back and even incorporate leg lifts, bicep curls, and other exercises into your routine.

Upper Bounce recommends this model for those who want to do low-impact aerobics at home.

The heavy-duty handrail has a knob on each side that you can use to adjust the overall height, which lets you keep your hands at the perfect height, and those knobs also lock the handrail in place to keep it from moving as you use the device.

You can use this handrail in five different ways. There are also eight legs that attach to the bottom for stability, but the company guarantees that you can attach the legs and set up the product in only five minutes.

Foam padded covers the springs and keeps those metal springs from poking through, while a separate vinyl cover sits on top of that padding to help you easily see where the padding is as you jump.

Despite looking like a traditional mini feature, this model has a folding design. Whether you need floor space or just want to get the device out of the way, you can remove the legs and fold it down for storage.



5. 40″ Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness

The last model on our list is this 40″ Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness with Adjustable Handrail, 40" Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitnesswhich is pretty similar to the last model but is smaller in size.

This 40-inch size is great for those who want to do basic workouts and those who do not need a larger jumping mat. You can even use this model as a starter one until you feel stronger and confident enough to move up to a larger model.

Designed for low-impact aerobic workouts, this has springs that connect to the frame in a set-wise manner to add more bounce and height to your jumps.

The frame itself is rust-resistant and safe for using outside, which lets you take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air as you get in shape. It is so easy to assemble and break down that you can put it together anytime you want to workout and take it apart just as quickly.

Its adjustable handrail is one of its top features because this handrail adjusts in five different ways to help you get in the workout that you want without falling over the side or feeling like you have no support.

You can even use the knobs on the handrail to lock it to a specific height during an exercise routine. Grips on the handrails let you secure one or both hands to that rail too.

Six included legs slip and snap right into place to lift the product off the floor and to keep your bounces from causing the jumping mat to touch the floor.

Several rows of stitches keep the mat from ripping and tearing, and a thick layer of padding keeps your skin safe from the metal frame and springs. This model is one of its folding models that you can fold down, and it comes with a vinyl cover that protects the padding from damage.



The Ultimate Winner is…

The best Upper Bounce trampoline for the money is the Trampoline and Enclosure Set, which is the largest one at 15-feet. As it comes with everything necessary for assembly in the box, you’ll find that you can set it up and begin jumping in a few hours or less. The surface of this model is just as springy as you want and can accommodate more than 300 pounds of weight on top.

When choosing one that your whole family will use, you want to make sure that it comes with great safety features like those found on this model. The W-legs evenly distribute the weight across the surface to keep the product from tilting to one side. You’ll also appreciate the net enclosure that comes with it because it wraps around the sides and keeps jumpers who use too much force or speed from falling over the side.