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Owning a trampoline just might make your kids the most popular students in school, but before you rush out and buy just any other brands, you should make sure that you buy from a reputable company like JumpKing. Often called one of the top manufacturers in the world today, This Company makes great products that are safe for kids and adults as well as accessories and replacement parts.

The Oval with Solid Green Graphic Pad will easily catch your eye when you start your search. We recommend finding out more about its features and how it compares to other brands before you buy.

Top Six on the Market Today

1. Oval with Solid Green Graphic Pad

When you invite guests over and have this Oval with Solid Green Graphic Pad set up in your yard, Oval with Solid Green Graphic Padyou’ll quickly see a line forming as more and more people want to take a turn jumping inside.

The manufacturer designed this as a complete set for those who want their kids to have a fun and safe place to play outside. With a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds, this product can accommodate a few smaller or younger jumpers at the same time.

As the number of people jumping increases, you often worry about accidents happening as kids bump into each other and fall over the side to land in your yard, but the enclosed on this model prevents that from happening.

This enclosure uses a fine-weave mesh that is too fine for kids to stick their fingers through, which can prevent broken bones and other injuries as kids become stuck and others crash into them.

It also has a small zippered area that is big enough for kids to crawl through to land on the jump mat, and the bright yellow fabric along the edges of the zipper ensures that those already inside can easily see those entering.

A vinyl cover comes with this product and protects the thick padding on the edges from damage, and this cover has a flap that lifts up for using it with a small set of steps. The four included W-legs keep the device flat on the ground and can keep the wind from carrying it off.

The company guarantees that this oval device meets all the current safety standards for home use, which lets you know that your kids and their friends will stay safe.



2. 6 Legs & Enclosure

One of the top from this manufacturer is the 6 Legs  & Enclosure, which has around jump mat 6 Legs & Enclosureand six durable and heavy-duty legs that surround the base.

As those legs are rust-resistant, it will work in any climate and is one that you can leave out during the rainy or snowy season. In addition to the legs, the heavy-duty steel frame is resistant to rust too.

This is a complete set that comes with both the base as well as the enclosure that wraps around the sides and top. When it first arrives, you’ll need to attach the jump mat to the springs and connect the springs to the frame. The included enclosure has an opening on the front that can accommodate a set of stairs, which will make it easier for shorter or younger jumpers to climb inside.

Instead of the zippered door that you usually see, the door on this one has small toggles that work with fabric flaps to keep the door securely shut, but those toggles are also easy for smaller hands to use and won’t catch or stick to the mesh net-like zippers can.

The spring system designed has an equalized design that distributes the weight and power of each jumper across the top to make each bounce as fun as the last.

Rated for a maximum weight of 220 pounds, this model, which is available in a 14-foot design, is best for smaller jumpers, but it can also accommodate one adult jumper at a time.

It features durable springs, a heavy-duty jump mat that won’t fray and extra padding around the edges.



3. Outdoor and Safety Net Enclosure Combo

Finding a gymnastic exercise device is easy, but when you buy from Outdoor and Safety Net Enclosure Combosome companies, you might find yourself surprised when all you get in the mail is a trampoline without any safety features.

The company understands your concerns, which is why it offers this Outdoor and Safety Net Enclosure Combo that you can assemble in hours without worrying about kids diving off the side or jumpers knocking each other to the ground.

We recommend the 15-foot size, which can accommodate jumpers weighing more than 300 pounds combined, but you may prefer one of the smaller sizes like the 10-foot or eight-foot.

Though the box comes with more than 90 pieces, the manufacturer provides you with detailed instructions that show you how to put each piece together, though you can also pay extra for professional installation.

Many of those pieces are the heavy-duty springs that connect the jump mat to the frame and give you all the bounce that you expect. Those springs are similar in both quality and design as those used on professional gymnastics mats.

The Brand designed an enclosed system that includes both a mesh net and a series of poles that you insert into the top of the frame. These poles are more than twice the height of the product itself and allow the net to catch those jumping too high and stop other jumpers from spinning over the sides.

The mesh of that net is so finely woven that even the smallest of fingers can’t poke through. This net also has a patented opening system that you can use with or without the optional stairs. The net has both toggles that keep the opening shut as well as a zipper.



4. 4′ Bouncer for Kids

Get your kids bouncing and jumping from a young age with this 4′ Bouncer for Kids 4' Bouncer for Kidsthat will keep them safe without you standing over their shoulders.

This bouncer is almost like a practice for acrobatic or gymnastic exercises and teaches kids how to change how high they jump or how far they bounce based on the pressure they use and how they bend their knees and move their bodies. It can also help with coordination in younger kids.

The springs used around the edges are 3.5-inches long and heavy-duty enough to support the weight and pressure of kids bouncing. Foam padding sits directly on top of those springs to ensure that if your child does fall down, he or she won’t hit those springs.

An included cover is great for any child who loves sports because this cover comes in a bright blue shade with images of balls around the edges.

With a maximum weight capacity of just 100 pounds, this product is best for toddlers and slightly older children and may not be strong enough to support an older child or a teen. As the parent of a young child, you’ll like the handlebar that rises up from one side of the product .

Kids can use that handlebar to get their balance on top before, during or after bouncing.

This handlebar has some extra padding inside that serves two purposes. This padding ensures that if your child does fall, he or she will not fall face first or back first into a metal bar that might scratch the child’s skin.

As it has to pad inside, it also allows kids to hold on tighter and keeps their hands from slipping off.



5. Mini Oval with Green Pad

Another suitable choice for younger jumpers and those who never spent time on Mini Oval with Green Pada backyard before is this Mini Oval with Green Pad. The green pad gives a unisex design and allows you to pass it down to kids who come later.

That pad features whimsical cartoon images of popular animals like an alligator and penguin in bright colors around the edges.

Designed for parents who want to let their kids blow off some steam, this product can help kids have fun both inside and outside.

The green pad acts like a type of safety pad and attaches to the top with straps that come in the box to create a soft and padded surface that keeps jumpers from roughly or forcefully coming into contact with the metal frame.

It has several straight legs that offer more points of contact with the ground than other leg types to give the device more stability.

One of the features that you’ll like best about this model is that it comes with two handlebar sets that attach to the top of the frame. This allows kids to hold on with both hands until they develop good enough coordination that they can use just one hand. Those bars can also help kids learn how to do simple tricks like flips that they’ll want to do on larger ones later.

Each handlebar measures 24-inches, but you don’t need to worry about kids bouncing or slamming against those bars. The Brand gives you two foam covers that provide padding to those bars to keep kids safer. Each cover comes in a bright green color that matches back to the pad cover too.



6. 48′ Bouncer with T-Connector

While other companies make bouncers and similar toys designed for kids, this 48' Bouncer with T-Connector48′ Bouncer with T-Connector is really one of the best products around for young kids.

The Company makes this product in a bright pink color or an orange color, and both have a camouflage design that kids and their parents will like. We really like the orange version because it’s so bright and colorful that you can easily keep an eye on it, even as your kids bounce away on the other side of the room or lawn.

Similar products use bungee cords that can only support a limited amount of weight and will break down within a few months or even weeks, but this bouncer has galvanized springs made from steel that will last for years. Those springs are so strong and heavy-duty that you can feel confident letting your kids jump on this model outside and even with leaving it outside overnight or longer.

The Brand evenly spaced the six included legs around the bottom edge to make this product as solid and stable as possible and to keep kids from knocking the trampoline over as they bounce.

The included handle is great for kids who need to become more coordinated because it serves as a helping hand and allows kids to get some help when they climb on the jump mat.

The manufacturer includes a padded cover in a bright orange color that matches the base of the device, and this padding ensures that kids can keep a grip on the handlebar and that they don’t hurt themselves.

The handlebar on this model, which can accommodate up to 100 pounds of weight on top, is adjustable too.


The Ultimate Winner is…


Oval with Solid Green Graphic Pad

With a rust-resistant frame, the Oval with Solid Green Graphic Pad will work just as well in the Midwest as it does on the East Coast or West Coast. That frame also has a heavy-duty design that won’t break or bend as well as W-legs that sit in each corner. This can accommodate one or more jumpers and has a total weight capacity of 220 pounds.

You’ll never worry about injuries or your insurance premiums rising because this comes with its own safety enclosure that has zippered doors for jumpers to get in and out, and the enclosure poles keep the netting from coming loose or even falling down. The manufacturer used an under and over series of springs that gives the jumping mat more bounce. That mat connects back to a padded area for extra protection of jumpers.